As a child I believed animals were earth angels. Animal therapy purring away on my chest. As an adult I still believe it. Is that nuts? Maybe. But so is this crazy world we live in.

Our stress levels going through the roof. As we sit there afraid to turn on the heater. One thing is a constant comfort in our life through all of this, the fluffy doodlers sitting beside us or out in the field. Animal therapy in-action.

And this is nothing new. Countless times I have heard you say to me in my animal healing work – ‘I would be lost without them.’  ‘They saved me. I owe it to them to do all I can.’ 

What is this magic they weave around our hearts?

Well if I had to sum up this animal therapy into one key trait, I would say intuition. 

We’ve all heard the stories of animals predicting things like earthquakes. Seizures or asthma attacks. Or how they soothe sick patients in hospitals.

Researchers have confirmed that goats can read human emotions. Twenty goats were shown photos of people with different facial expressions, like smiling & scowling. When they met in person the goats overwhelmingly made a beeline for the ‘smiling humans’ and spent 50% more time with them.

But I want to go deeper than that. To do them greater justice.

As not only can they predict when we are sick or sad, they can also guide us on how to heal. This may sound a bit far out but stay with me. I will break it down.

If you put out a bowl of tap water for your dog. And beside it a bowl of rain water. Chances are they are going to drink the rainwater right? Many times we dog guardians have scratched our head at this.

Well I can tell you now, they select rain water as it contains all sorts of yummy micronutrients that the chemicals in our tap water have long since killed off. And they know it. 

We can take this animal awareness up a notch. 

To go deeper into this I have more to share with you. If I put some diluted essential oil on my left hand, say it is Lavender. And in my right hand a few drops of say diluted Frankincense. 

Then hold my hands out and offer them to a horse. He’s going to go straight for whichever oil he needs that day. And sniff that one first & longest. Heck he may even start to lick it off my hand. 

And if I move to another stable the next horse is going to choose whichever one she wants. And I trust it. I trust they’re so self aware they can use their animal therapy on themselves. I just need to make the right botanicals available to them & they take care of the rest.

It’s this awareness that makes pigs cuddle together when one of their friends is distressed. It’s what causes your dog to growl at that person you should’ve never let into your life.  

But how does all this help you? 

Can we take it up yet another notch? You still with me? Boom!

When working with them in this way. Helping animals select essential oils or other botanicals. I don’t need to always be in front of them physically for them to choose. I can do it at a distance too with just their photos and a pendulum.

As I look at their picture, I invite the animal to move the pendulum over the botanicals they need. I start to crank up my human intuition to tap into theirs. It’s a team sport for sure.

And I know as the pendulum makes circles over something like Yarrow, the animal is signalling to me that is a botanical they want to work with.

And sure enough when I send it in the post to them. Wherever they are in the world. Each & every time they interact with it. And all the other botanicals they’ve chosen. 

As that shortlist of botanicals was their animal therapy shortlist. Not mine. 

But here is where the real animal magic comes in. 

They can also move that pendulum to select botanicals for YOU! When this happens I tell the guardian what the animal has ‘ahem’ prescribed for them. Explaining what each botanical represents or what it heals. This is an integral part of my 6 month transformational program for dogs.

It’s a bit like the animal painting a picture of where you their human is at. Mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. But with such compassion. Zero judgement. And 100% accuracy. 

As when I share these animal findings with you their humans, I have never had an animal guardian say to me ‘Oh that is not me, they got it wrong!’ Never. Ever. 

And why would I? Because all of this is coming from animal intuition. 

Let’s think about it. They’re finely tuned intuitive beings. If you’ve ever read Rupert Sheldrakes book ‘Dogs That Know When Their Owner Is Coming Home’ you’ll know they even predict when you are coming home from work.

So as they sit beside you day in, day out. They pick up on your challenges too.

And use their heightened awareness to help you move through them. This is why when given half the chance, they willingly select botanicals to help you catapult yourself into a new level of wellbeing.

This my beloved is why I believe animals are far more therapeutic than most people give them credit for. In truth, we are only catching up with how deep they run. 

Would you like some animal therapy in your life? 

Yes is that at yes? Excellent!

Then you simply must check out our upcoming Animal Gathering on January 11th 2024, it’s an animal communication special. 

Where the animals gently take the reins sending you personal messages & insights with that incredible intuition of theirs. As we meditate with them physically beside you, or their photo. And call them into your sacred heart space. Even if they are now in-spirit. This work is unlimited. 

There is nothing special you have to do on the day. Just show up. And let me & the doodlers guide you through all of this. As you cosy up together at home. And get clarity on the year to come, for you and them.

Tons of our members report they receive deep insights during these gatherings. As the animals share their wisdom to vibrate the strings of your heart. Nudging you forward in their own speical way.

This event happens as part of my Animal Gatheings membership progam. Full details to learn more are here. You get your first month for free, after that you can opt to stay in this global community for just €25 a month. 

And thank for joining me here today. To bear witness to the magic of the Animal Nation.