Holistic Animal Healing 

Welcome to holistic animal healing with me, Lisa. This is a dedicated space for animal lovers that want to support their best furiends holistically. If this is your first time to try holistic healing for animals, I am here to help.

I’ve been in practice for over ten years. I originally came from a scientific background and I struggled to find holistic animal healing options for my own animal family. I wanted to support them physically, emotionally & mentally.

So I travelled & studied extensively to qualify professionally in an array of holistic skillsets because I wanted to become the solution I was looking for, to provide safe and natural therapies for animals of all sizes and shapes.

Fast forward ten years & these methods continue to yield remarkable results. Where thousands of my animal clients around the world are now living their best lives. So I understand the amazing journey you’re about to go on with your beloved animal companions.

The impact of holistic healing on animals is incredible. We are tapping into their innate wisdom. Believe it or not the animals actually choose their own healing botanicals throughout their journey with me!

And I only use natural botanicals that are harvested with respect. The animals immediately sense their positive vibrations & go crazy for them! It’s huge fun to witness this unfold. They just know holistic help has finally arrived.

I want to share all this with you, to let you know that you know I understand. I have been where you are and I’m here to put my heart & soul into healing your animal family for you.

I’m based in County Wicklow, Ireland and work on your animal companion remotely through photos. So I can help any animal anywhere. And run an online monthly membership too. So this work is truly unlimited. Come on in & let the animal healing magic begin!

My holistic animal healing helps them

Move beyond past traumas, phobias & fears to embrace life with a courageous & open heart

Transform aggression and challenging behaviours into joyful inclusive living

Bring back physical vitality (I collaborate with holistic vets if needed)

Leave this world with grace & so much more.


Here are my two healing journeys that I offer for your fluffs:

Kudos From Vets

Animal Gatherings


Transform yourself into a confident & informed pawrent by learning holistic animal care to help them live their healthiest & happiest life by your side

Once a month we gather online. To learn, laugh & evolve with the animals in your life. As I teach you how to care for them more holistically at home. I then lead us in a group meditation, with your fluffs beside you live on the night. To help you connect & understand them on a more profound level.

Online Courses 

Radio Show

As a regular guest speaker on podcasts I get the opportunity to deep dive with many different hosts and discuss my work with the animals. In this radio show with Liz Dillon from Dublin City FM I share how I came to this work and some recent stories of the animals I have helped. Hope you enjoy it! For more of my animal healing podcasts click here.