As a Cat Mom have you exhausted all the usual avenues trying to heal their physical conditions yet they still suffer on?

Have they ongoing emotional challenges that you can’t seem to resolve and it’s impacting your quality of life & theirs?

Do you have a senior cat who is starting to slow down and stiffen up despite you trying to prevent this?

It’s time for kitty change…

What if instead…

  • They were calm, thriving & enjoying going on kitty adventures in the wilds of your garden
  • They were happy & living an inclusive life with other cats & animals in the house
  • Your bank balance is healthier as you’re no longer in & out of the vets
  • They’re off the expensive prescription diets & eating real food that brings longevity
  • They are kept pain free in their senior years by self medicating with natural botanicals at home 
  • You were an empowered holistic pawrent who can care for them more naturally at home

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re wasting money on natural kitty products that may work for your friend’s cat, but not for yours
  • You’re trying all types of food & diets but your cat is still as fussy as ever and their skin is still bad
  • They’re on drugs to ease their UTI’s but they always comes back as soon as the drugs wear off
  • You have tried to help them with their emotional imbalances but they are still fearful & reactive

Eventually you decide that you just have to live with them peeing inside the house even though it may cause tensions in the household. 

Or you feel deflated, confused & broke when nothing brings ease to their physical conditions, despite all your efforts!

And I don’t blame you. 

Feeling like you have wasted your time & money is no fun! And it’s disheartening to feel like getting results is just impossible. But the thoughts of letting down your beloved cat, well that’s the hardest part of all!

But it doesn’t have to be this way, I promise you.

I’ve been where you are.

Happy Cat Happy YouHi I’m Lisa. I’ve been treating thousands of animals around the world using holistic methods for over 10 years. I went from not knowing how to support my cat through bouts of vomiting, to keeping his diabetes stable naturally so he avoided needing insulin.

I have a background in science which helps me understand the biology of animal care, such as vet’s diagnosis, blood results and pharmaceutical treatments.

Then I spent over €10K on professional training in holistic animal practices such as Five Elements Chinese Medicine, Animal Communication, Animal Acupressure & the science of animal self medication known as Zoopharmacognosy.

My holistic animal tool box includes essential oils, hydrosols, herbs, flower essences & healing diet plans.

Over the years the results I achieved with animals started to get the attention of their holistic vets. So they reached out & now we collaborate together on more serious cases that may need our combined skills.

I’ve now reached a point in my career that I know exactly what is needed to heal cats from the root causes of their imbalances, using a holistic approach that gets lasting results. 

This process also saves you money, time & stress in the long run, by keeping them out of vets and making you feel like an empowered & informed pawrent. And that is how this one of a kind transformational program was born. 

Happy Cat Happy You is my gift to you & yours, so you both live the life of joy & health you truly deserve.


Happy Cat Happy You

Happy Cat Happy You

My signature 1 to 1 program is for Cat Moms who are ready to work with me & their cats, so they reach a whole new level of lasting feline vitality. 

This six month program is grounded in three core pillars, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing & holistic nutrition. Combined, these pillars form a powerful framework that raises their life force to such an extent that it increases their longevity, happiness and overall health.


Meet My Proven Framework

Systems, Mindset & Strategies 

The flow of this program is an organic one. It’s designed to work to the healing pace and rhythm of your cat. Each stage has core components to it that stack on top of one another. 

So the process is a gradual learning & implementation for you, and a genuine healing for your cat. As holistic changes can only ever happen at the kitty’s pace. No quick fixes around here, only lasting ones.

Core components included in each month:

  • A remote assessment of your cat to identify their healing needs and track their progress, using Five Element Chinese Medicine principles that heal from the root cause. 
  • Your cat self selects their own essential oils, hydrosols, flower essences and/ or supplements.
  • The botanicals are included in the overall price of this program & I post updated ones to you each month. 
  • For their supplements, I research the best ones for your cat and I give you handy links on where to buy them online, that are specific to your country.
  • One to one zoom calls so I can support you every step of the way & get updates on how things are going for both
  • Monthly educational videos to transform you into an informed holistic pawrent that you have lifetime access to.
  • Six months access to my Animal Gatherings Membership Community, where you can join us in our monthly powerful gathering online and be a part of the animal community

Month One 

Sniffing Out Their Healing Path

In the first month you learn how to understand the individual needs of your cat and map out their bespoke journey. Then we build on these core components as each month has its own unique healing theme.

We work on:

  • An introductory call so I can fully understand you & your cat’s needs, and how I can best support both of you.
  • Once I’ve done their first assessment through photos and their bespoke botanicals have arrived, I teach you how to offer them to your cat on a second video call. 
  • I follow that up with an educational video on how to offer botanicals to your cats, to cement our live call learnings.

During this month you experience a total mindset shift in how to care for your cat more naturally at home. As the magic of them self medicating with their chosen botanicals, opens up a gateway into just how in tune they are. Removing all the guesswork and worry.

You can now take a breath, and let them jump into the driving seat as they lead themselves back to a place of health & happiness. 

Month Two

Food As Their Kitty Medicine

Learn exactly what your cat needs to eat in order to thrive and how to nourish them with a healing health plan that also fits your current budget and lifestyle.

We work on:

  • Sending them their updated set of botanicals to work with & identifying what food & meat types best suit them, using Chinese Medicine principles.
  • Reassessing their current diet to see what foods to keep and what ones to gradually replace over time. 
  • Sourcing good quality pet food in your country that suits your lifestyle, budget & their needs.
  • I follow that up with an educational video on how to feed your cat in a way that keeps them out of the vets.

During this month you start to see food as a form of kitty medicine. And learn how to feed them well using quality foods, that saves you time & money on vet bills in the long run. 

You come out with an easy to follow bespoke feeding plan that you can implement one step at a time. 

Month Three

Healing Together Through Animal Mirroring

Uncover if your cat shares the same challenges as you through the magic of animal mirroring, so you can both heal together. 

We work on:

  • Identifying what exact traits or patterns you may share with one another.
  • Your cat may carry imbalances that are a mirror of yours, to make you aware of them so they can be healed. 
  • If this is going on your cat selects flower essences for you as well for themselves this month, so you can heal together.
  • I follow that up with an educational video on the concept of animal mirroring and why it’s a key part of healing your cat.

At this stage of the process your relationship with your cat starts to take on a whole new dimension. Where you realise just how much they get you. How they know what your potential blindspots are and how you can heal them. All coated in the unconditional love that they shower you with every single day. 

Through the power of animal wisdom you develop a deeper awareness of yourself that can be potentially life changing for you & them.


Month Four

The Arising Of Pawsitive Shifts

Witnessing the fruits of our team work begin to shine forth through their kitty vitality. By month 4 we are seeing some powerful shifts in both you and your cat and we want to take this month to go deep on exploring them. This is where we take the healing to a deeper level using the power of mediation.

We work on:

  • Checking in with your cat to see if they want to select another round of flower essences for you as well as selecting their own botanicals once again this month. 
  • I send a tailored guided meditation to do with your cat that starts to open up a whole new level of connection & communication.
  • I follow that up with an educational video on the power of meditating with your cat & how it keeps you both full of vitality.
  • You get lifetime access to my mediation library for Cat Mom’s.
  • Identifying what shifts in their wellbeing we are now seeing and what new holistic lifestyle changes you want to add in.

This month gives you the chance to dip your toe into meditating for yourself and your cat. It’s pawfect for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. Or if you prefer we can identify other types of holistic lifestyle changes for you to try. Such as mindful walks by the water where you take the time to sit & watch the natural world go by together.

At this stage you’re feeling the benefits of taking a more natural and holistic approach to life, for you & them. Encouraging you to bring in more.

Month Five

Final Touches For Lasting Changes

Learn how to anchor their new found wellness to ensure all the kitty improvements are sticking around.

We work on:

  • Checking in with your cat to see if they want to select another round of flower essences for you as well as selecting their own botanicals once again this month.
  • A deeper check in to identify a long term diet plan & budget.
  • I follow that up with an educational video on how to recognise when your cat may be self medicating through food, so you can follow their lead and support them in it. 
  • Confirm lifestyle changes you want to keep for both of you in the long term.

This month empowers you with a clear understanding of what your cat’s needs are at this stage of the program. As I teach you how to anchor all their improvements through a manageable routine at home.

You’re feeling deeply empowered with a new found sense of clarity of what they need from you in order to thrive.

Month Six

Your Long Term Kitty Wellbeing Plan

Learn how to keep them holistically in tune for years to come as I transform you into an informed & powerful kitty advocate.

We work on:

  • We do a live animal communication session with you & your cat over zoom, to ask them if they have anything they want to share with you.
  • Discuss how I can support you & your cat moving forward through the exclusive offers I have for participants of this program only.
  • So you always have access to me should you need it & they can receive yearly or 6 monthly holistic tune ups that keep them strong.
  • I teach you how to use a homoeopathic kit for any kitty medical emergencies that may arise at home. This kit is included in the price of this program.
  • I follow that up with an educational video on how to use the kit that you can refer back to at any stage.

This month is the final icing on the kitty cake. Where your knowledge of how to support them more holistically at home jumps to an entirely new level. Plus you get direct feedback from your cat on how the program went for them & what they want as their next steps forward.

Turning you into a confident Cat Mom that fully understands their needs. Plus you’re empowered to help them holistically at home, to keep them living longer & stronger by your side.  

What’s Included?

High Level Support and Tailored Kitty Strategy

During our six months together you’ll get:

  • 1-1 introductory call before I start working on your cat. In this call, I take the time to not only understand the needs of your cat but also your needs. How you like to work & your kitty goals. So I’m clear on the best way to work & communicate with you from the get go. 
  • Each month I do an assessment of your cat & post you a new set of bespoke botanicals. To empower them to heal through self medication. This also includes tailored diet & supplement tweaks as we go.
  • My eyes on your kitty – you get 1-1 support via email with me throughout the six months. This allows us to troubleshoot anything we need to, to ensure your kitty stays on track for their healing goals.
  • Follow-up 1-1 calls – at the end of every month, you’ll have the option to book another call to update me on how things are going for you both. These are recorded for your reference.
  • Lifetime access – you get lifetime access to all the educational videos from each month’s content, my animal mediation library plus the recordings on our 1-1 zoom sessions. This also includes any extra educational videos I add in over time.
  • Group community and support – you get 6 months free access to my membership program called Animal Gatherings. Where animal lovers like you come together once a month to learn from me & meditate together with our fluffs. You also get access to the talk archives from the past year.
  • Live animal communication – at the end of this program we do a live communication with your cat to check in and see how they are feeling about the results. And learn if there is anything they wish to share with you.

What Happens Next?

  1. You feel like this program and my style of healing are the right fit for you & your cat, so you click the button below to book in a discovery call via Calendly.
  2. We meet together over Zoom and I learn more about your cat and we also get to know each other a bit better, see if we are the right fit for one another.
  3. Then if we are we, we get the kitty show on the road at my next availability. 

How Cats Self Heal With Botanicals

Testimonials From Pawrents

Happy Cat Happy You
Happy Cat Happy You

Frequently Asked Questions


HAPPY CAT HAPPY YOU, is a 6 month program. Once it ends you maintain lifetime access to the material, but access to email support and Zoom calls ends. You will have the option to access my help as & when you need it through the ongoing support programs I offer. I will share more about them at the end and how you can opt in.


Before you sign up, we have a call to assess whether the program is a good fit for you & them. We won’t move forward unless it is a 100% fit.


This is a high-touch program which means you get direct 1:1 support through email and our monthly 1:1  follow up calls, as well as group support within the Animal Gatherings membership program. Not to mention you have lifetime access to all the trainings I have created for you.  


Due to the depth of this program I can only work on one cat at a time in order to give each cat the attention they need. If you have more than one cat that needs help the price of the program is the same for each individual cat. The reason I don’t offer reductions for multiple cats is because each cat will be treated as an individual case and will require the same amount of time and work. I provide the same high touch support for each individual cat as & when they need it, including support in between our monthly consults should issues arise unexpectedly. So all of this is factored into your investment in this unique program.


It would be unethical to guarantee any results in a healing program. The strategies and frameworks in HAPPY CAT HAPPY YOU are proven and tested. If you show up and do the work there is no reason it won’t work for you & your cat as it has for others. I can guarantee my support and guidance throughout the process.


Absolutely. You don’t need to be experienced in any way as I am here with all my years of experience to guide you & your cat every step of the way.


As I work remotely with your cat it is essential that we are able to communicate efficiently using zoom and other online platforms that I use. So this program is better suited to people with those skills as I don’t offer in person consultations.


I’m a vegan too so I get it! And don’t worry, there are many ways we can feed your cat the high quality cat foods they need so it doesn’t gross you out.