Inspawrational Podcasts

Animals At End Of Life  Get your tissues out for this one, as myself and Angela Ardolino discuss how you can best support your animal family as the approach that time when they need to fly beyond the veil. Natrually this type of conversations brings up tears of grief as we also remember those animals who have gone before, so we also discuss how you can support yourself too. We sincerely hope it brings comfort and guidance. 

Discussing Zoopharmacognosy During this lively discussion myself, Kimberely and Erin spoke about the incredible way that animals are able to self medicate using a variety of natural botanicals. They are both experts in canine wellness, but this conversation took it to another level for them. So much so they implented my ideas right away for their dogs after. And so can you!

Exploring Animal Healing & Communication Myself and Rev Karen Cleveland are both animal communicators. So we get, fundamentally & effortlessly, just how deep animals run. Consequently this converation freed me up to go much further in my sharing about just how powerful and conscious I believe animals are. So if you’re looking for a podcast that promises a paradigm shift, this is the one for you.

Animal Wisdom & Nature’s Pharmacy Journey into the untold narrative of animal healing, enlightened by the power of holistic principles. Learn about Zoopharmacognosy, a remarkable demonstration of how animals self-heal using the botanical world around them. Navigate the crucial topic of animal jabs and gain the knowledge necessary to make the best choices for your pet’s health. All in one podcast!

Healing Them Heals You Your animals are around you 24/7 and often know you better than anyone because you’re 100% yourself with them.⁣ They create that safe space for you through their unconditional love.⁣ And it’s because they have this unlimited access to your true nature, that they can be incredible instruments of healing for you. Learn all about this with my chat here with Steve Norris.

Turning Up The Volume Of Animal Wisdom When we allow room in our awareness, in our hearts and minds, for the animal wisdom that is all around, we start to tune into another realm. One where great opportunities of healing exist, for you & them. To begin to tap into that, listen and enjoy this conversation between myself & Adam, where no animal healing stone was left unturned.

Dogs Can Heal Themselves Dogs instinctively know what botanicals & food they need in order to bring themselves back into balance on all levels.⁠⁣⁠ So when we offer these to them in their pure form they straight away select the ones that target their current health challenges. Myself & Krista went deep into this phenomenon in this WagOutLoud podcast.

Enriching The Lives Of Cats Myself and Amanda from Holistic Pet Radio explore what cats truly need in order to feel safe & be happy. We debunk many of the current myths on how to care for them and look at ways to enrich their lives. To keep their inner wildness burning as we deepen our understandings of the Feline Nation.

Your Animal Healing You Diving deep for this podcast I chatted with Valeria Koopman on what can happen in our lives when we pay attention to the subtle messages our animal family send to us. My reflections on witnessing animal sacrifices in Mongolia. And how to know when an animal is ready to depart this world on their own terms.

Sciences Vs Woo Woo Chatting with Erin Scott we take on this hot topic. To help you understand the ways we can straddle both of the holistic and the medical spheres. When caring for animals holistically. This was one of Erin’s most listened to podcast of 2022. 

A Dog’s Life Podcast with Anna Webb Instantly myself & Anna connected which made for a riveting podcast where all the doggie truths came out. How the veterinary industry is failing so many dog guardians like you at the moment for example. Have a listen to give dogs a voice.

Communicating With Your Animals To Heal YOU! Discover how a Shih Tzu cured his paralysis by healing his guardian’s fear. Learn about the dog who keeps a dance teacher with rheumatoid arthritis moving. And all the other possibilities that animals healing you their human brings.

Support Animals During Fireworks Learn effective methods you can apply now. Turn your home into a animal haven. Discover healing botanicals from your kitchen cupboard. Find solace for all of you.

Learn How To Support Animals At End Of Life. With grace and compassion. And make it easier. This is a huge part yet often unspoken part of our life paths with the animals we share our lives with. I sincerely hope it helps and gives you comfort.

My Journey In Becoming An Animal Healer. And recent stories of the animals I helped. As a regular guest speaker on Dublin City FM I get the opportunity to deep dive with the wonderful Liz Dillon from The Conscious Living show and discuss my work with the animals.

Healing Traumatised Animals. It doesn’t matter what their story is, how old they are or when they came into your life – they can still be helped. ⁠A big thank you to Liz Dillon from The Conscious Living Show on Dublin City FM for inviting me back once again to share this essential work.

Exploring Animal Communication When Mary Bermingham invited me onto her Nature Magic podcast. I was delighted. She has had some of my inspirations such as Prof Temple Grandin & Warwick Schiller on her show previous to me. Join us for a thought provoking conversation. 

Senior Animals & How To Support Them. Learn hoow ageing animals express to us their needs, their wishes, their determination to leave this world on their terms and in their time. Filled with such grace they support us their human guardians in how to read their gentle signs and messages. 

Witches Rise Up Summit With Eimear Stassin I was invited to speak as a key speaker. During this interview with Eimear I talk about the magic animals weave into our lives by showing us what we need to heal on a human level. Full of fascinating anecdotes of animal wisdom there is something in there for all animal lovers.

Discover How Your Animal Friend Mirrors You Paul from the Positive Life community asked me to give a talk on a topic close to my heart for his platform. As an animal intuitive over the years I have seen certain patterns in relation to why animals express problems mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In this video I share my insights in the hope it can help you support and understand your animal family members better.

Explore How Animals Grieve & Fall In Love Sharing case studies of my work with horses, dogs & hens in this area. Hema Vyas a heart whisperer from the UK is our guest speaker making the talk for you just as much as it is for the animals. By raising our heart intelligence we learn to be more aware and supportive of our animal brethren as they go on their own life journeys of love and loss.

Animals Heal More Readily Than We Do. Forgiving effortlessly, loving unconditionally. They’ve much to teach us through their stories and life happenings. They’re our way showers if we pay attention to their subtle messages. Join myself and Ann Callaghan, homeopath & creator of the powerful Indigo Essences as we deep dive into all of this.