Get To Know Me

My professional qualifications & trainings:

  • Animal Communication
  • Animal PsychAromatica (Zoopharmacognosy & TCM)
  • Energy & Soul Level Healing for Animals
  • Healing Through Meditation For Animals & Guardians
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chemistry & Biology
  • Ainsworth Bach Flower Course
  • 5 Elements Acupressure
  • Mongolian Shamanism

My holistic healing tools include

  • Meridian balance assessments
  • Flower, animal & mineral essences
  • Essential oils, hydrosols & herbs
  • Dietary changes using TCM principles
  • Shamanic healings & past life regression work
  • Mediation journeys for animal & guardian
  • Collaborations with homeopathic vets if needed
  • Animal acupressure

“From an early age, it was apparent that I was on the side of the animals. As a toddler I was brought to a butchers and immediately protested the smell and demanded to leave. This eventually led me to vegetarianism at age 12 which to my current plant based mind was twelve years too late!

As a teenager I opted to do work experience at a busy veterinary practice in Dublin, Ireland. My abilities to accept animals in all states of need I believe inspired the veterinary surgeons to hire me for 2 more years. As a result I got to experience firsthand the many facets of veterinary care in small animal practice including but not limited to, assisting in surgery at all stages of emergency.

I then went on to complete an honours degree in analytical chemistry and biology in Dublin City University which led me to a 7 year career in the pharmaceutical industry. Here I guided leading professors and consultants in the major London hospitals on how to prescribe specialised pharmaceutical drugs based on the scientific data of clinical trials. In retrospect this part of my journey I believe has enabled me to recognise both sides of the treatment coin in terms of allopathic and holistic care for animals and indeed humans.

My affinity for the animal kingdom also led me to Bolivia to work at a wildlife sanctuary. For one year I lived deep in the rainforest where my primary charge was Milly a young female ocelot – a beautiful jungle cat. I know in my heart that this time of service, contemplation and communion was the spark that ignited my spiritual growth and journey toward animal communication. It was a total game changer to say the least, living with her moment by moment,  she showed me how to be in her wild & authentic world.

Not long after, I began a meditation practice which led me to Nothern India where I became immersed in the Tibetan community in exile over a period of four years, staying at monasteries, going on retreats & attending many public teachings & initiations by the Dalai Lama himself. Through this profound meditation journey I discovered that my intuition was becoming a powerful force. After I had been practicing regular daily meditation for ten years I could not only hear the guidance of my soul but the thoughts of animals as well. Something within had been woken up.

To fine tune this ability, I studied under the globally renowned author and animal intuitive Madeleine Walker. With her one-to-one guidance, I harnessed the art of animal communication and multi species soul level healing professionally.

To bring in further holistic tools I completed a practitioner training in PsychAromatica with the author Nayana Morag who has written many books on her ground breaking animal healing work. My skillset in this field is a fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zoopharmacogonosy, the science where animals self select their own healing botanical remedies. It can be done either in person or remotely via photographs. And I just love to work with both methods & witness the healing magic unfold.

As a clairaudient and clairsentient, I’m able to tune into animals and feel their emotions. I hear their concerns and wonderfully receive their wisdom. I help them heal physically by bringing to them natures bounty and letting them choose which botanical remedies it is they need to bring in complete wellbeing.”

Slán go fóill / Goodbye for now 


In My Teachers Words

“Lisa is an incredibly profound animal intuitive, who has a raft of holisitic knowledge, which she has gathered over time in her commitment to facilitate well being for the animal kingdom and that of the planet. It has been my privilege to mentor her in her deepening of accessing the skills needed for soul level animal healing.”

~ Madeleine Walker, Animal Intuitive, Author & Global Speaker

“Lisa is highly intuitive and empathic, she has a presence that animals and humans respond to. Coupled with her pure intention to bring about healing, she delivers extraordinary results. A number of years ago, at a time when Lisa was beginning to become more aware of her gifts and purpose, I witnessed a moment in Italy, ironically, near Assisi, when a little bird seemingly came back to life or at least to consciousness in her hands. Since then it’s been wonderful to see Lisa step more into her gifts and growth journey, and bring about healings for many others.” 
~ Hema Vyas, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Mentor