Our Animal Angels

Grieve not,

nor speak of me with tears,

but laugh and talk of me

as if I were beside you…

I loved you so ~

’twas Heaven here with you.

By Isla Richardson


RIP Dukey, Ireland

Dukey, our darling Boy.

A Wuff of great warmth, wisdom, wit and mischief.

He touched the hearts of all those who met him and we are heartbroken to say goodbye.

Rest in Peace Sweet Boy. XX


RIP Penny, Ireland

A unforgettable little woman 💔

Such a funny, bossy, loveable little soul. Who enjoyed the country and farming life.
You taught me the importance of self care and unconditional love.
I was so lucky to have you in my life.
I thank you Penny for the time we had together.

RIP Suzy, Ireland

My name is Suzy

I was a loyal and trustworthy companion

With a happy smile

People said I was very regal

I never failed to bark at the postman every morning

I was very protective

I absolutely loved my walks long and short

And the odd adventure in the car

I know how good I was, I really do

My spirit lives on in the hearts that knew me.

RIP Molly O, Ireland
My name is Molly O
I lived a great life
I was a tom-boy at heart
I chased shadows
I jumped with delight at water games
I pushed and shoved at playtime
I sprinted to the gate to bark at bikes
I paced around the kitchen island 9 times to always welcome you home
I guarded
I comforted
I kissed you endlessly
I was a loyal companion to the end
Ponder with Peace on my Paw in your Palm

RIP Forty, Ireland

A true equine gentleman.

This horse taught me how to be around horses.

As I best enjoyed his company when we walked side by side.

So proud I was to call him my friend. 

He lived a long life & left gracefully. 

For that & his love I am eternally grateful.

RIP Ruby Shannon, Ireland
Beach days were the best you loved digging holes and feeling the warm sand beneath your paws.
We will spoil Bambam now your legacy lives on, a piece of your physical remains in him.
We treasured your last xmas 2019 but we know you are here with us on our journey through life that keeps us going.
Ruby Shannon always in our hearts love Mammy and Daddy and Bambam your baby.

RIP Beag (Harristown Lad), Ireland
Sent into my life when I least expected it.
We were put together to teach each other something.
My job was to help him learn to trust and love humans and be there with him to the end.
His job was to challenge me to relearn everything about horses. How to handle them better, how to ride better, feed better and much, much more. Skills I have for a life time. Knowledge to help every other horse who comes into my life.
I thank Beag for the time we had together for coming in to my heart.
There is a hole in my soul at the moment for his physical presence, his spirit will always be with me. Reminding me to be a better horse woman and to listen to the horses in my life.


RIP Husky Kolya, Ireland

Kolya a gentle wolf like spirit. A soul wise of lifetimes lived.
I am honoured you chose to journey alongside me in this one.
You have enlightened me.


I am Wolf
Quietly I endured
Silently I suffered
Patiently I wait
For I am a warrior
I have survived
And I will meet you again


RIP Paddy, Ireland

A dog filled with love and happiness who shared it with everyone he met.
A soul that had time to teach and chase.
A lover of the great adventure.


RIP Mikey Doodles, Ireland

A unique soul who spread the gift of joy, laughter, healing and friendship across the globe. We know he is cheering us on from the heavenly realms in all that we do. Forever our brother, our son.


RIP Seamus, Ireland

A sacred little man who adored life, his family & hitting up the beach!


RIP Pippa, UK

A bright light of this world who loved with every ounce of her being.


RIP Oscar, UK

A true teacher who left a legacy of wisdom behind.


RIP Clyde, Canada

A grand master in this world and the next.


RIP Osvaldo, Italy 

A humble rock that held everyone together.


RIP Chloe, Ireland

A sweet lady that was absolutely filled with self-expression.