Are you looking for a dog healer but don’t know who to trust? It can be a minefield trying to figure out who does what & how. Let alone vetting them to know if they are any good before you hand over your beloved dogs wellbeing to them! 

In this article I’ll be sharing with you the essential components I feel need to be included in order to give your dog an effective healing experience. This is a culmination of my findings in my animal healing work that I have been doing professionally for ten years. That I want to share with you today so you can understand what to consider in your search. So whether you are totally new to this kind of thing or a seasoned pro, keep reading for the key components that can restore your canine companions vitality.

Benefits of holistic animal healing

Holistic practitioners tend to look for the root cause behind any condition, rather than just addressing the symptoms. This makes the animal healing journey a lasting fix, instead of a quick one. Let me give you an example. 

If a dog has skin conditions the usual regime is steroids, antibiotics, hypoallergenic food or elimination diets down at the local vets. However skin problems how I see it, come from a deeper imbalance within the internal organs. The liver, spleen, pancreas & other organs could be playing a role. So only addressing it at skin level which is the norm, ends up costing you tons in money & frustration, with no lasting results. 

And although a dog healer may work longer on your canine companion ultimately they get results that turn things around. As genuine healing takes time. Think about it – the condition would have been building in your animal friend over months, if not years. So if you are to reverse the deeper imbalances that too needs time to reverse.

The importance of assessing a dogs diet

I also want to mention the food animals are fed. As I see many of my clients feeling dismayed when that hypoallergenic dry food is not getting results in skin conditions. Or any other prescription diet for that matter. The best way I like to explain this is what we eat, for us or our animals, needs to be a recognisable food group. Or it’s simply not food. 

Dry food or kibble therefore does not fit into a food category. Nor is it a species appropriate diet. And can play a big role is keeping them unwell whether it’s prescription kibble or not. Especially if that’s all they eat. So this is a key part of any healing program to expect help with – looking at their diet and tailoring it according to their presenting imbalances.

And if it ends up costing you more money now, see it as an investment as it saves you in large vet bills further down the line, and your animal friend from more suffering as they age.  

Ready to work with a dog healer?

If you’re considering starting on an animal healing journey but not sure where to begin, I offer discovery calls which you can book through my Animal Healing With Lisa website. Get to know me as a person & learn how I would approach helping your beloved dog using a multi-disciplinary approach that works. I work remotely so can treat any dog anywhere.

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Understanding a dogs life history 

Animals can become traumatised just like we can. And although it’s a regular practice to take young pups away from their mum at 8 to 12 weeks old, if they’re not fully weaned, it can impact their digestive system. Plus their emotional stability and independence. 

So they can end up becoming dogs with a sensitive stomach that suffer from separation anxiety for example. Just because mum never got the chance to gently push them away and say you’re on your own now pup – but it’s ok I’m still here watching over you. So they feel separated yet safe. 

And their small intestine has had enough of mum’s milk to be able to teach the stomach & spleen how to digest food properly. All of this information and life history matters to a dog healer if they are going to get to the heart of the problem. But there is so much more to their story. So when carrying out healing for animals we also need to remember they grieve, fall in love, fear and feel pain just as deeply as we do. And these emotional imbalances plant the seeds for physical ones later on.

How your health impacts theirs

Our canine family are around us all the time. They breath our air, exchange molecules with us. They end up knowing us better that we know ourselves. And as masters of unconditional love readily absorb our emotional imbalances. As they suck them up like a hoover in order to mirror them back to us. As a way to shine a light on what we need to heal within ourselves.

This is when pet healing becomes human healing. And they’re so committed to doing this, that they’ll continue to mirror our illnesses, even to the point that it kills them. I have seen this many times over. But what I have also seen is the power of animals that heal their people. When the messages hidden within their sickness are heard, understood & acted upon by us their guardians. That is when seemingly ‘incurable’ conditions are often transformed. 

Playing your part

Us humans becoming aware of this role that we play & owning it – well it’s a bit like a magic dust that you sprinkle over all the other factors I’ve mentioned – the diet, history, emotional journey. It all comes together and forms the true essence of holistic animal healing that works. And this doesn’t mean that you need to be fixed in order for your dog to be fixed. It simply means you need to let your canine friend know that their message has been heard. And that you no longer need them to reflect it back to you. 

But then in your own time, in your own way, you need to clear it from within you. As one thing animals have taught me over the years is that you can’t lie to them. They read our heart energies, our truths, just as easy as you’re reading this article today. So if you try to take healing shortcuts, sure enough they will readily fall out of balance and you will be picking up the phone to a dog healer like me once again!


Finding the right dog healer for you & yours can be an incredible journey to embark upon. Taking you & them to new levels of wellbeing that you may not have thought possible. And if you find the right person, it can be a multi layered approach that leaves no holistic stone unturned. So you end up getting way more bang for you buck, and more years to spend hanging out with them – absolutely priceless!