As a DogMom are you ready to go deeper into their journey with them?

To work through the residual layers of their healing they still need help with?

And to ensure that we have left no doggie wellness stone unturned?

It’s time to go above & beyond…


The Extra Doggie Mile

My 1 to 1 continuation program is only for DogMoms who’ve already been working with me on a long term basis or through my Happy Dog Happy You 6 month program. And they want to offer their dogs with chronic issues extra holistic support. This three month program is grounded in the core pillars of emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing & holistic nutrition. Combined, these pillars form a powerful framework to bring about lasting changes and offer more vulnerable dogs ongoing stability as we dig a bit deeper for them.


Meet My Extended Framework

Pace, Compassion & Trust  

The flow of this continuation program is doggie led. We have gotten them this far, yet they’re still showing us they want & need more work to be done.

So we listen to that. More chronic & entrenched condtions have been around for a longer time, so naturally need more time to be resolved or find stablity.

And we can trust that and what your dog is currently showing us so they can then guide us through the next stages of their transformation.

Core components included in each month:

  • A remote assessment of your dog to identify their healing needs and track their progress, using Five Element Chinese Medicine principles that heal from the root cause. 
  • Your dog self selects their own essential oils, hydrosols, flower essences and/ or supplements.
  • The botanicals are included in the overall price of this program & I post updated ones to you each month. 
  • For their supplements, I research the best ones for your dog and I  give you handy links on where to buy them online, that are specific to your country.
  • One to one zoom calls so I can support you every step of the way & get updates on how things are going for both
  • Monthly educational videos to transform you into an informed holistic pawrent that you have lifetime access to.
  • Three months access to my Animal Gatherings Membership Community, where you can join us in our monthly powerful gathering online and be a part of the animal community

Month One 

The Next Steps Pawward

In the first month we take the time to fully assess where your dog is currently at. So I can indentify what your current priorites are for them and how I can make that their doggie reality. We also revist the concept of human to animal mirroring to check in on how you are healing alongside them.

We work on:

  • A continuation call so you can update me directly on their progress so far & any recent vet checks they may have had
  • Then I map out their tailored healing pathway for the next three months
  • I do their first follow up assessment through photos and post their bespoke botanicals to you in the usual way
  • We check to see if your dog also wants to select botanicals for you as you continue to heal together
  • I follow that up with an educational video to advance your knowledge as a holistic animal guardian

When we have ageing or chronically sick dogs it’s important to feel supported in your role as their carer. So during this month you get the chance to express any concerns that you may be still carrying & receive reassurance and guidance from me around them.

You feel held. As I get to work once again using an array of holistic treatments, to in turn hold your beloved dog in whatever way they need.

Month Two

Healing Through Deeper Layers

As we go deeper & they get stronger we also need to make sure we are feeding them in a way that’s in alignment with their current season of wellbeing. 

We work on:

  • If possible we run a blood test at your local vet clinic so I can fully assess where they’re at using Chinese medicine principles & tailor their diet accordingly but that is not essential if your dog is fearful of the vets.
  • Sending them their updated set of botanicals to work. Alongside informed diet & supplement tweaks that removes all the guesswork
  • I follow that up with an educational video on how to feed dogs well at home even beyond this program.

When we combine the food therapy with the animal wisdom of self selection, we get a depth of clarity that is a rare find. And can bring about an incredible level of insight & holistic doggie support.

You come out with an updated bespoke feeding plan that you can implement one step at a time. 

Month Three

Sniffing Out Their Long Term Suppawt Plan

Set them up with natural pain support and / or tailored wellness regime that you can offer your dog beyond this program.

We work on:

  • I send them their updated set of botanicals to work. Alongside informed diet & supplement tweaks. I put together a plan for you to follow at home also, if they need ongoing botanical support.
  • We do a live animal communication session with you & your dog over zoom, to ask them if they have anything they want to share with you.
  • This month you learn how to use a homoeopathic kit for any doggie medical emergencies that may arise at home. This kit is included in the price of this program. You also get access to a talk by holistic vet Dr Emily McAteer on how to handle home emergencies to empower you all the more.

This month is a deep check in, where I make sure you’re fully confident your dog is strong enough to be managed by you at home now. And if for some reason that is not the case, I’m still available to support you in a variety of ways moving forward.

You never have to feel alone in their care again, I’ve got the both of you.

What’s Included?

High Level Support and Extended Doggie Strategy

During our three months together you’ll get:

  • 1-1 continuation call where I take the time to not only understand the updated needs of your dog but also your needs. So I’m clear on the best way to support you both for the next 3 months. 
  • Each month I do an assessment of your dog & post you a new set of bespoke botanicals. To empower them to heal through self medication. This also includes tailored diet & supplement tweaks as we go.
  • My eyes on your doggie – you get 1-1 support via email with me throughout the three months. This allows us to troubleshoot anything we need to, to ensure your doggie stays on track for their healing goals.
  • Follow-up 1-1 calls – at the end of every month, you’ll have the option to book another call to update me on how things are going for you both. These are recorded for your reference.
  • Lifetime access – you get lifetime access to all the educational videos from each month’s content, my animal meditation library plus the recordings on our 1-1 zoom sessions. This also includes any extra educational videos I add in over time.
  • Group community and support – you get 3 months free access to my membership program called Animal Gatherings. Where animal lovers like you come together once a month to learn from me & meditate together with our fluffs. You also get access to the talk archives from the past year.
  • Live animal communication – at the end of this program we do a live communication with your dog to check in and see how they are feeling about the results. And learn if there is anything they wish to share with you.

What Happens Next?

  1. You feel like you want my continued support for you & your beloved dog, so you click the button below to secure their doggie spot.
  2. You automatically receive an email with the case update form I need you to fill out.
  3. Then I will be in touch and to put dates in our diaries for our continuation call via zoom. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


THE EXTRA DOGGIE MILE, is a 3 month program. Once it ends you maintain lifetime access to the material, but access to email support and Zoom calls ends. You will have the option to access my help as & when you need it through the ongoing support programs I offer. I will share more about them at the end and how you can opt in.


This is a high-touch program which means you get direct 1:1 support through email and our monthly 1:1  follow up calls, as well as group support within the Animal Gatherings membership program. Not to mention you have lifetime access to all the trainings I have created for you.  


It would be unethical to guarantee any results in a healing program. The strategies and frameworks in THE EXTRA DOGGIE MILE are proven and tested. If you show up and do the work there is no reason it won’t work for you & your dog as it has for others. I can guarantee my support and guidance throughout the process.


I’m a vegan too so I get it! And don’t worry, there are many ways we can feed your dog the high quality dog foods they need so it doesn’t gross you out.