As a result of years in practice supporting dogs with arthritis naturally my clients have saved. Saved on costly medications. Saved on vet bills. But most importantly saved on having to watch their beloved canine companion struggle about the place. Saved on feeling powerless to do anything about it that doesn’t end up causing more harm in the long run. 

And I’m ready to serve you too if you’re having challenges in this area of care for your beloved animal. If you’re desperately searching for ways to bring relief for dogs with arthritis that draws upon nature’s gentle bounty. And only that. 

So what causes joint pain & disease in dogs?

Many senior animals get stiffer during winter. (Even some younger ones do!) Due to the natural wear and tear from a life well lived. This is often called degenerative arthritis. Or it can be trauma from the bang of car. Infections from ticks or even the bodies immune system going haywire. As it starts to attack it owns cells.

And the truth about supporting dogs with arthritis down at your local vets? In my experience their toolkit hasn’t evolved enough over the years to tackle it. It fails to bring about effective & affordable treatments without the pharmaceutical side effects that catch up with the dogs sooner or later when drugs are used long term.

For example some of the known risks of the bog standard vet treatments are stomach ulcers & perforations with NSAIDs. For steroids they cause brittle bones & weight gain. And both drugs hammer the kidneys which are organs that need extra support in later years as they naturally decline, not extra work! 

And this fancy new drug Librela that is coming in at approx €100 per month? If it even works (it doesn’t in all dogs) it makes them run on joints that are no longer able to run. Causing deeper harm and damage as it gives the body a false sense of wellbeing. That is a fact you find on the drug companies own literature if you search for it. Now I’m not saying drugs don’t have a place, of course they do! And it’s important to have a vet check over your animal companion. But in some cases long term use for chronic conditions like arthritis doesn’t get the results I know you want.

So let’s go beyond these for a moment shall we? 

I want to take you into a new world of holistic animal healing. One where your dog manages their own pain. Where your dog shows you what natural remedies they need on a daily basis. Helping you feel empowered. And hugely relieved! As we start supporting dogs with arthritis naturally.

So how on earth does this actually work? 

Ok here is the science bit. In nature animals self medicate all the time. It’s happening when the dog eats grass. When the cat prefers to drink from a puddle of rainwater instead of the fresh bowl in the kitchen. It’s the horse that licks the clay at the side of their paddock where the grass has worn away. 

This taps into one truth about the animal nation. 

They know what their body needs to heal and stay in balance. Our job is to make that available to domestic animals. Their wilder cousins get up to all sorts of fascinating feats of self medication too. 

Like the chimpanzee who happily sucks on a toxic plant known as ‘goat-killer’ as it has strong anti-parasitic properties. Badgers who bring their bedding up to the surface to sun it for a few days. As sunlight is known to kill off bacteria and viruses.

There’s even an old Chinese folklore tale about a farmer who came across a snake near his home. He killed it with a hoe but it returned. Again he killed it but it returned. Thinking he was going crazy he paid more attention to what happened the snake afterwards. 

Severely wounded it crawled into weeds and ate them. Rapidly healing the worst of its injuries. The plant it ate was Panax notoginseng which is a key ingredient in today’s Chinese herbal mixture Yunnan bai yao that stems bleeding and heals cuts. 

We discovered plants with magical powers too. 

When Europeans went to the forests of northern Congo they found native people growing a shrub called Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga). It helped to energise them and create visions. 

They explained how they discover the plant. By watching wild boars dig it up and eat the roots. The boars would go wild jumping around and as they fled invisible enemies. Then they observed porcupines and gorillas doing the exact same. And it was at that point they knew they were onto something big!

Now let’s take it back to your pooch. 

How can we bring this wild pharmacy into your home for supporting dogs with arthritis naturally? I have a few suggestions you can try right now from your kitchen cupboard.

  • Organic Ginger Tea – grab a couple of teabags of organic ginger tea and leave it to sit in a cup of hot water for 15 mins. Then pour it into a bowl and dilute it down by 50% with water. Leave it out & let the dog drink it if they want it. If they do refresh it daily. Ginger is a great herb for warming up cold arthritic bones. Top tip? Don’t mix the Ginger in with anything else. Keep it pure so the animal can make a clear selection. 
  • Organic Peppermint Tea – follow the same protocol as the Ginger tea as above. Peppermint is a great pain killer. It also has a cooling effect if needed for hot throbbing joints. Or equally so it can warm up cooler parts. An amazing herb that grows so easily in your garden. 
  • Organic Yarrow Tea – another garden ‘weed’ that reduces inflammation. Sprains and strains. And yes also works on arthritis. But it doesn’t stop there. The sacred plant also stems bleeding. The Romans used to use it on their battle wounds. Hence one of its lesser known names ‘Soldier’s wort’. 

If it were my dog I would put out three bowls with the individual teas in them and watch how the animal responds. I promise you it is way better than watching Netflix! Have plain drinking water available also. 

And if the cat has a few sips more power to them! 

These teas are gentle and safe for all beings once they they’ve freedom of choice to interact with them. If you would like me to help you go deeper into supporting dogs with arthritis naturally I am here. I create individual treatment plans for dogs, cats, horses & more. Where we can offer them tailored botanicals to stay on top of this chronic condition arthritis. 

And tweak the diet too. Often their dry food adds to the inflammation for example. And even meat types like duck make it harder for the body to stay warm in cooler months. This is where I bring in powerful TCM principles too to combat their aches and pains. 

I can work in person or remotely through photos. My animal practice is a global one. I can help any animal anywhere. Book in a free discovery call with me here & we can have a chat. 


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