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These five week online programs are perfect if you want to learn according to your diary or like to do things your own way at your own pace. With the optional upgrade of personalised guidance and support from Lisa via one to one Skype or Zoom teaching sessions. Start this course today or whenever suits you best.

Discover the true power of animal communication and the possibilities it opens up not just for the animals but for all beings. Giving animals their rightful place in the conversation – turning up the volume of their thoughts, teachings, needs & dreams. We are all intuitive however we are all different in how we receive the messages from the animals. Start to tap into your unique way of connecting in with the animal nation.

Receive Lisa’s top tips from her first hand experience as a professional animal communicator. Learning the methods that enable you to communicate directly with animals of all kinds. Tapping into the radio station they are already listening, this is your chance to become a true advocate for the animal kingdom as you realise how much they want you to hear them and how much they have to share with you!

Animals like us have their mental, emotional and physical challenges. Sometimes they know what they need to heal but they may also need our help and guidance. We explore the energy body of animals and what that can tell us about how they need to be supported. Mapping their chakra systems and learning how to recognise any imbalances that they may be expressing through their challenges and conditions.

Once we understand what exactly is going on for the animals we naturally want to heal them. Learn what tools are available to us for cleansing and healing their energy bodies and chakra systems. Exploring different testing methods we can easily apply in any circumstances that help us to double check our intuitive findings. Giving us greater confidence in our abilities and assurance we are on the right track for our animal friends.

Finding lost animals is a method of communication that can bring great rewards. There are different ways to approach it and some key processes we can apply to yield the results that are in line with the animals wishes. Having this skill set in your animal communication tool box is a powerful way to bring great peace of mind both to the guardians and the animals themselves in their moments of great need.

These programs are for self-development purposes, they are not a certified professional training.


“I found the animal communication webinar enjoyable and helpful. I will and have gone forward with a different and new approach to animals in my daily activities as a vet, listening to them and exploring a whole new level of access to their needs, feelings and emotions. Thank you Lisa for an inspiring and enlightening weekend.”

~ Emily McAteer MVB LFHom Homeopathic Vet, Ireland

“This is a great course for anyone who wants to deepen or to develop confidence in their intuitive ability to connect with animals. Lisa’s passion for this work and her deep love for animals shines through in every talk that she gives. I highly recommend this course.”

~ Mary O’Neill, Ireland

“After the course I came out having a deeper understanding about Connecting with animals deeply from within. I feel much more love and respect for animals.”

~ Alexandra Ofor, Ireland 

“I found the course an all-round sense-opening experience. On top of that, it felt as if discovering a completely new world. Lisa’s guide in this new environment was loving, supporting and wise. She provided support whenever needed, even after the end of the course.”

~ Ellie De Rosa, France

“I would definitely recommend Lisa’s Animal Communication workshop to any animal lover who wants to develop a deeper connection with their animal companion or any animal and who wish to be able to help bring them healing. Lisa is a natural teacher who shares her love and knowledge of animals so generously and whole heartedly.”

~ Bridie Caswell, Ireland

My Promise To You

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

All the tools that I share with you in this course have been refined through years of use and tweaking in my international animal healing practice. I have percolated it all down to give you the true gems. As a testament to that I’m offering you a money back guarantee if you haven’t experienced some level of a deeper connection with an animal within 14 days after practicing the techniques as described. By then you will have all the materials for Module 1 & 2 and if you are not getting results get in touch and share with us how you have been doing the work and we can refund you accordingly.

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