Natural Wormers For Cats & Dogs

Searching for a natural wormer for dogs and cats can be a bit of a minefield right? You can easily end up wasting a ton of money as you can’t find the right one. 

Or perhaps you’re afraid of getting it wrong & causing them harm if you don’t get rid of these uninvited guests effectively and quickly, when they already have an infestation.

And you find yourself popping down to the vets for yet another chemical wormer, even though deep down you would prefer not to.

I get it & I’m here to make things easier for you by saving you time, money and stress. In this talk I debunk myths around how often they actually need to be wormed, if at all.

And share affordable & effective natural worming solutions that you can easily administer at home, both as a preventative measure and to clear them.

I have been using these methods to great effect over the last 10 years with my animal clients, and they’re all available to you today in this educational video to keep your cat or dog worm free and bring you lasting peace of mind!

I also explore the lastest thoughts on modern worms drugs. Followed up by holistic vet recommended chemical products to use if they do have a heavy infestation.

At times despite our best holistic efforts they might need chemicals so I’ve included detox products to use afterwards also.

So this talks educates you and covers your fluffs for all eventualities of our modern living.

Get this talk with lifetime access for €24.99

It includes a bonus PDF of the slides, with links to the botanicals I discuss.

It teaches you the following:

  • Natural wormers for dogs & cats to use at home with your fluffs. Plus when is the best time of the mooncycle to administer them and the months of the year that they don’t need wormers.

  • A tried and tested regime to follow if your dog or cat does get an infestation so you are clear and empowered.

  • How to detox your fluffs if you did end up giving them chemical products so they can leave their system & their own natural resistance to parasites can start to rebuild.

  • All the products mentioned in this talk that I recommend have links to where you can buy them either in Europe or the US.

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Meet Your Guide

Hi I’m Lisa, from Animal Healing With Lisa.

I have worked with thousands of animals across the world and their guardians. Teaching them how to reduce the amount of chemicals they put into their animal’s bodies, so they can live more natural & healthier lives. 

On top of my own education in holistic animal care, I also collaborate with holistic vets & have learned a fountain of knowledge from them. 

So all my talks that I create for you & your fluffs, are a holistic fusion of all this experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I start watching this educational talk?

Right now! Once you have signed up and paid for the talk, you have full access to all of it.

How do I go through what you teach?

This is a self taught webinar. That means that I designed it so you can go through it in your own time at your own pace.

What will the outcome of this talk be for me?

Once you go through the talk you will:

  • Understand how to support your cat or dog naturally to keep any worms at bay.

  • Be clear on what process to follow if they do get an infestation, as I support you each step of the way.

  • Know what time of the month & year these parasites are most active and how to protect your cat or dog.

I’m a total beginner, is this for me?

Yes! This will work for you if you are new to holistic animal care.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You have lifetime access to the material in this talk, including the bonus PDF of the slides.