Nobody wants to be in that place, learning how to help a dog with paralysis naturally. But unfortunately some breeds of dog are just more prone to spinal issues. And that was the case with my canine client Ziggy, a Shih Tzu from Ireland.

I got the call to say he had lost use of his hind legs. 

Playing on the beach, his favourite spot, Ziggy landed awkwardly when he jumped down off a rock. The vet gave two options – surgery which could give him 90% improvement or crate rest and steroids which could get him back to 70%.

Surgery was not possible due to the cost so his guardian was fully committed to working on the problem naturally with me. And those are my favourite types of clients, fully on board and ready to listen to my holistic advice!

To help a dog with paralysis I use two methods. 

Firstly I assessed his meridians to see where he was out of balance. Secondly I gave him the opportunity to self select his own healing remedies. This is know as zoopharmacognosy which basically means animals that know how to self medicate. Something they do all the time in the wild.

But Ziggy took that to another level. After he let us know what he needed he then went onto tell me what is guardian needed. Animals mirror our problems back at us for they know us the best. Lower back problems can represent a fear of money, or lack of financial support. And Ziggy’s guardian was in exactly that place. 

Their other dog had a stroke the week before.

Money was tight and the lesson I feel Ziggy was trying to teach his guardian, was that it is ok to accept help. To accept money from others, which after all is a form of energy. And energy needs to flow and move in all directions. 

So he selected some hydrosols for himself, Angelica Root, Cypress, Lemon & Yarrow. Plus a bespoke mix of flower essences to support his guardian. Such a love bug this little guy, when I went to see him despite his pain he was all about the cuddles. And he dropped down deep into a healing state after self selecting these healing botanicals. We also included top quality CBD oil in his regime.

A few weeks later he started walking again. 

Six weeks he was meant to be on crate rest but after just two he was up and about. Continuing to self select his way back to health. Showing us all how to help a dog with paralysis naturally – by allowing them help themselves through the magic of zoopharmacognosy!

By the time he went back to the vets they were astonished at how well & quickly he had recovered. Fast forward a month on to his second vet check up by then he had made a 100% recovery, defying the odds of what surgery even had to offer him. 

So what was the key ingredient in this success?

I feel it was a combination of some key factors. A guardian that was fully behind my healing work and willing to listen. A dog who was given a voice through animal communication plus the chance to heal himself and his family. Plus a wonderful holistic vet who supported Ziggy and the choices his family made. Together we got results that were above and beyond.

But the story doesn’t end there. Ziggy shares his home with 13 other animals. One of them is a feral cat called Bella who was too afraid to go outside into the garden. She chose to live in the utility room 24/7. 

Every morning she would walk over to Ziggy’s botanicals and self select what she needed. Until one day at the end of a group mediation in the house she jumped up onto the laps of all the people there, one by one greeting them with head butts. And now goes out into her garden every day to soak of the healing rays of the sun. Such is the power and extent of this animal healing work. 

If you would like me to help a dog with paralysis or anything else book a discovery call here. I can work in person or through photos, so I have animal clients all around the world. 

Blessings to all beings, Lisa x


How To Help A Dog With Paralysis Naturally