How To Calm Anxiety In Dogs & Cats

Have you tried all the usual training techniques or calming products to ease your dog or cat’s anxiety, but you’re still not getting results?

And are left feeling frustrated as you’re not managing to make their life more enjoyable or even comfortable, despite trying your best to make it so?

It isn’t because the solutions aren’t there, not at all.

It’s actually because certain animals have certain triggers for anxiety that differ from the next animal’s triggers. 

They also have different ways in which they express their anxiety too. Some get quiet, some get louder, and some even get over excited!

And if we try to use general calming techniques that aren’t tailored to these individual needs, we can end up feeling frustrated as their anxiety never goes away.

So instead it’s about taking the time to fully understand their character & what drives the animal to be anxious in the first place, and work at it from that root cause. 

So they feel understood, as you become more in tune with their needs, and can therefore respond to them more intuitively to get the results you both so desperately want. 

In this talk I explain how to do just that. And also include tips on food therapy, botanicals and also how to deal with situations of acute anxiety such as scary trips to the vets.

It’s a bumper talk that draws upon my past 10 years of helping animals heal their anxiety from the inside out, to help them live an inclusive & joyful life by your side. 

Get this talk with lifetime access for €24.99

It includes a bonus PDF of the slides, with links to the botanicals I discuss.

It teaches you the following:

  • How to identify what character type your dog or cat is according to the Five Elements system in Chinese medicine.
  • Understand what drives them in life and also what triggers them to become anxious, and how to counteract that through awareness.
  • Identify what emotional character traits they have, and therefore how best to comfort them when anxious.
  • Extra calming tools & botanicals to bring support for acute or unavoidable stress situations, such as trips to the vets or groomers.
  • All the products mentioned in this talk that I recommend have links to where you can buy them either in Europe or the US.
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Meet Your Guide

Hi I’m Lisa, from Animal Healing With Lisa.

I have worked with thousands of animals across the world and their guardians. Helping them heal their fluffs emotional challenges from the root cause. So they end up living more inclusive & healthier lives as a family.

I do this by taking a holisitc approach, using only natural methods and botanicals that work in harmony with animals. Which emboldens nervous ones especially to trust the process, and let the deeper work happen. 

By tapping into my experience through this coures, you get to bring all of this into the hearts and minds of your beloved animal family. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I start watching this educational talk?

Right now! Once you have signed up and paid for the talk, you have full access to all of it.

How do I go through what you teach?

This is a self taught webinar. That means that I designed it so you can go through it in your own time at your own pace.

What will the outcome of this talk be for me?

Once you go through the talk you will:

  • Understand what’s the root cause of your cat or dog’s anxiety based on their individual character & traits.
  • Be clear on what process to follow to help them feel comfortable & calmer in all situations.
  • Know how to bring greater joy and fulfilment into their lives so you can have more fun together.

I’m a total beginner, is this for me?

Yes! This will work for you if you are new to holistic animal care.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You have lifetime access to the material in this talk, including the bonus PDF of the slides.