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Animals pick up your emotions, whether they are positive or negative. So how do we help our fluffs when we are feeling down? Does talking to them help? 

The short answer is yes, and I’m going to explain how you can do this!

As a pawrent it’s important to see your animal companion as your ally, as the masters that they truly are. They can communicate telepathically and have honed instincts; this is what keeps them alive & safe in the first place.

It also means animals have the ability to meet you halfway & communicate with you on a much deeper level than you may realise, as telepathy works as a form of mind to mind communication. 

Scientist Dr Rupert Sheldrake explains this in his book called ‘Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home’. In an experiment they set up cameras in the homes of hundreds of dogs, and documented at what point they moved to sit at the door to await the arrival of their pawrents. 

Without fail, they took up their station the moment their person ‘thought’ about leaving work to go home. Even if they varied their time of departure, the day or their route, the results were always the same. 

The animals communicate with one another all the time in this subtle way and you can too! To understand how you can help and support them all the more. 

When you do so, it not only relieves their stress, but it also helps you fret less about their wellbeing. I know you love them dearly, but at times may worry they’re suffering and you’re not aware. Or you just want to know if they feel happy & loved in return! ⁣

Perhaps you feel a bit lost on how to get this kind of deeper insight?

This is where the phenomenon of animal communication comes in. It works by you going inwards into a meditative state, to connect with the animals on a heart level. This in order to receive insights in the form of pictures, words, feelings, and more.

It’s also important for you to know that there are ‘Guiding Principles For Animal Communication’. 

These are:

  • NO LANGUAGE BARRIERS: If we communicate in English to a dog in France for example they still understand us, as the language of intuition is a universal one.
  • MORE POWERFUL THAN SPEAKING: Large banks of information can be received in an instant, see it as an information download instead of just receiving say a word document.
  • NOT LIMITED BY DISTANCE OR TIME: You can communicate with an animal in another country through photos and even learn about their past, if they choose to share that with you.


Gary and Lisa.


Sending and receiving information 

I often get asked about sending information to animals. The truth is that there are different ways; all of which can be done in person or through a photo. 

Firstly, you can simply speak to them as you would another person and they understand every word you say. You can send them a thought and they receive it effortlessly, even if you doubt it yourself! 

Animals love to think in pictures so you can also send them an image, or play a DVD in your mind showing them what you want or need them to do. Lastly, you can send a feeling such as a love bomb from your heart, which can be a lovely reassurance for them if you are apart from one another.

As they reply, there are five ways we typically can receive their messages. These are CLAIRSENTIENCE, CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE, CLAIRAMBIENCE and CLAIRALIENCE. You may be stronger in one form or another when you first start trying this out – so trust what organically happens!

To give you an idea of what to expect, Clairsentience is a clear feeling and is usually the easiest way where you pick up the emotions of the animal. 

Clairvoyance is clear seeing, where you receive images in your mind’s eye. 

Clairaudience is clear hearing, where you hear the thoughts of the animals, or telepathy as we discussed earlier. 

Clairambience is clear tasting, so if you ask them what their favourite food is, you might get a smell of roast chicken! Clairalience is clear tasting, where you get a taste of that chicken in your mouth.

The main thing is to have fun with it, and remember that the animals are the masters of this – they can show you the way. They are just dying for you to connect with them on this deeper level and they always show up when you do!

I provide more animal communication advice and tips on Mary Bermingham’s ‘Nature Magic’ podcast. Listen to the thought provoking conversation here.

Calm yourself to calm your animal companion

Now that we understand how in tune they are with you, when you’re trying to keep your fluffs calm, it’s essential that you keep yourself calm. If you do not, they can pick up on your anxiety and then act it out. Ways to calm yourself can be through meditation, listening to gentle music or chanting, all of which the animals love!

Journalling is another great way to calm your mind and body, ultimately leading to a calmer animal. Pinpoint one thing you wish was true about your life or your fluff’s life right now. Then imagine this has already happened, that it has been taken care of. 

Maybe it occurred even easier than you had imagined it?

Go on and write an excited gratitude letter to the universe about it! Explore as many details as you can; I advise you to write from the perspective of your future self looking back.

Natural remedies for your animal companion’s wellbeing

Communication is essential when it comes to helping all animals in your life, but you can also work with natural remedies like flower essences to calm them and enhance their life force. Nice one’s to try for this kind of thing would be the Rescue Remedy by Bach or the Emergency Essence by Australian Bush Flower. Both are widely available online.

When using these flower essences, keep in mind that they are preserved in alcohol when you buy them directly as the stock bottle. Alcohol is toxic to animals so a safe way to administer them directly from a stock bottle is to put 5 drops on your palm and stroke them into your fluff’s coat in the morning and evening for 2 weeks.

Watch how they respond, if they are really enjoying the ritual you can even do it for longer, if they shy away they have had enough. As you rub the drops in, their healing effect also goes into you. So it becomes a holistic win-win!

Our Animal Gathering on June 6th 2024 – Animal Communication Special Offer.

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