Healing Through Animal Mirroring

Going Deeper

A short talk to help you understand the concepts of human to animal mirroring and the different ways it can manifest to help you recognise it within your canine family, or indeed any animals in your life.

Extra Resources To Help You Identify Animal Mirroring

Refer to this list below at any stage moving forward if your dog has physical challenges going on. To identify the emotional patterns at their root cause, and if they’re a possible mirror for the emotions you are carrying.

👉🏻List Of Emotional Causes Behind Physical Conditions (PDF file)

For Mac users double click text & select ‘download linked file’ to save slides to your device.

Mirroring Meditation

Listen to this guided meditation with your dog beside you, the volume turned up and the door open so they can leave at any stage if they wish. This journey helps you further identify the patterns of mirroring that are going on between you and starts to clear them.