Healing Physical Conditions

Clearing and releasing physical conditions starts with understanding why they began in the first place. Addressing the emotional or mental blueprint that lay down the reason for them to manifest in the body. Followed up by physical healing with botanicals.

How I can help

  • Identify the underlying causes behind physical conditions
  • Locate energy blockages using TCM & meridian balance assessments
  • Listen to the animal so they can self medicate with healing botanicals
  • Collaborations with holistic vets or other holistic practitioners
  • Heal you alongside them if needed


Working with animals who have either acute or chronic physical conditions opens up an opportunity for them to heal on many different levels. By looking at the whole picture I help to identify the best healing program including diet, lifestyle changes, botanicals, emotional history and so much more. This work runs deep to give them the best healing chance. Physical problems in animals need ongoing treatments & time just like they do in people. So please bear that in mind if you wish to work with me in this way.

Healing Physical Conditions

The Process

  • Fill out the booking form below and then you automatically receive the questionnaire to fill out in your inbox plus the type of photos needed. Please check your junk if you don’t see it.
  • I do an in depth assessment via photographs with the animal, you are not needed for this part. I send you my findings via a recorded video message with a shortlist of the botanical remedies needed.
  • I post their botanicals to you and when they arrive we arrange a 30 minute video call where I guide you on how to use them with the animal live on the call with us. The botanicals are an extra cost and an essential part of this work so please factor that in before deciding to book.
  • After their initial session I do remote follow up consults via photos every 4 weeks with new botanicals that I post out each time. This ensures you get the best results for your initial investment and the animal gets the deeper healing they need. I go for lasting fixes not quick ones so I need you to be open to these follow up sessions also before deciding to book. The number of follow ups needed depends on the level of pathology & the rate the animal is able to heal which varies case by case.
Healing Emotional Trauma in Animals

Your Investment

Remote Work New Animal Client €220* 

Includes case history, initial assessment via photos, detailed report, 45 min video call.

Follow Up Assessments €100*

After 4 weeks I reassess their progress and adjust their healing botanicals as needed. We book these follow ups in the diary at the time of the completion of the initial assessment by email. To treat new conditions or if it goes beyond 4 weeks since their last session please book in a repeat animal client reading below. This allows me time to explore new issues or get back up to speed with their case & currently level of pathology.

Repeat Animal Client €160* 

This reading is for when it has been 4 weeks or more since I worked on the animal. Includes case update, assessment via photos, a detailed report.

If this is the first time I’m working on this animal please select new animal client pricing even if I have worked on other animals in your family. If this is the first time I’m doing this type of a reading on an animal I have worked on before using other reading types please select new animal client pricing.

*Botanical remedies are extra at approx €40 – €80 plus postage. Including any drops your animal friend may select for you!

Republic of Ireland is €6 tracked delivery. Rest of Europe is €14 and rest of world is €15 both express delivery.

Healing Physical Conditions

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