Healing a fear of fireworks in your dog or animal companion is possible.

Healing a fear of fireworks in the weeks running up to Halloween is not the easiest however that was when I was asked to help out with a beautiful dog called Prince. He would loose all sense of himself in the run up to the event as the sounds in the sky got louder and louder. To the point that he would refuse to go for walks for several weeks such was the level of trauma he went through.

It is natural for animals to be fearful of loud noises but some are more affected than others. When I work on this type of case in my animal healing work, as far out as this may seem, sometimes these deep seated phobias can stem from cellular memory. Or a previous life time.

We forget how many animals served in wars, the memories of which often span time and space. A clue to identifying past life traumas in your own life would be fears that just seem to have no clear explanation. With no clue as to why they are so strong in you today. But this doesn’t make them any less challenging for us or the animals.

Horses who rode into battle and died as a result often bring that experience back again and again. The body keeps a score and it is my job to heal it for them once and for all. That is what happened with our Prince with his fear of fireworks & Halloween.

We got him through the firework season and he was a good deal calmer than he normal was. He was offered essential oils on a self selection basis. That way he was able to heal and support himself, self medicate his way through it.

But then something unexpected happened.

A few days after Halloween he started on a new oil that he selected, Yarrow. He had one interaction with the oil, a few sniffs and that afternoon some really loud fireworks went off. Just when we thought things were calming down!

His response was nothing like his guardian had ever seen before. He started to claw at the door to get out. Prince peed on the floor and then started to tear at his coat and skin causing lesions. After a trip to the vet he came home with a cone to stop him going at himself.

This all happened over the weekend so I didn’t hear about it till the following Monday but as soon as I did I knew what had happened. Yarrow is a trauma release oil, it goes to the depths of the soul and pulls out that which no longer serves. It is a bit like mixing oil and water, the trauma separates out as it is lifted up to be released. In doing so the animal can re-experience past happenings and act them out but it is all part of the process. Think better out than in! But for Prince I knew we needed to give him more support to help him move through this.

Healing a fear of fireworks can be about working through layers.

He continued to select the Yarrow so he was bringing himself on this journey willingly the brave boy. And I added in Benzoin essential oil. I felt that the area of his leg he kept pulling the skin off was an old wound from another lifetime that was connected to his fear of fireworks today.

Benzoin is amazing at clearing cellular memories from the body, letting go of trauma associated with old scars. I instructed his guardian to put the oil on her palm and hover it over the leg. Prince would not let her get anywhere near it so she did this from a few feet away. The healing energy of the oil still did the job, he instantly started to yawn and release.

And that was it. Over the course of a few days continuing to work with the oils he soon forgot about the need to go at his leg. Prince is now happier and lighter than he has ever been. New Years eve fireworks came and went and he was a bit put out but instead of cowering in a corner he stayed cosied up with his family on the couch & never missed a single walk.

Such is the power of animal self medication. They know exactly what they need to heal themselves, we just need to listen and provide it.

If you need help healing a fear of fireworks with your animal friend I am here to help. I can work with any animal anywhere in person or through photos. Don’t let Halloween be a time of terror for them, and distress for you. You can book them in here today.

Blessings, Lisa