Free Guided Meditation

To Heal Your Fluffs

When we meditate with our animal family it brings a calmness, that has the ability to heal both emotional and physical challenges.

And they love it when we make this time, to be in stillness with them.

As it also helps you understand them and their needs better through the insights meditating with them brings.

This animal healing ritual is a profound one. For you & them.

Much love,

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Fluffy Feedback

I look forward to listening to Lisa’s meditations with my senior dog and my 2 year old dog. The three of us really enjoy curling up for it. Thank you Lisa for creating this space for us!”

~ Karen McCarthy, Ireland

I receive fascinating healing information from Lisa. An especially wonderful aspect is the guided mediations she creates. Thank you, Lisa for all that you do for us and the animals.”

~ Kelly Burke, USA