Final Touches For Lasting Changes

Going Deeper

In this talk we go deeper into how your dog can communicate to you when their diet needs tweaking. So beyond this program you are able to identify some common digestive issues and how they respond to them. Which means you can take action to help them through it.

Handling Home Emergencies with Homeopathy

In this talk holistic vet Dr Emily McAteer teaches us how to support our animals at home when the unexpected happens. Sharing insightful tips from her years of experience working as an after hours vet.

She backed all that up with her top 10 homeopathic remedies for you to have to hand so you can give them to your fluffs as soon as they are unwell.

This is a life saving talk and is also a nice one for you to watch now as next month I send you your very own homeopathic kit that you can use moving forward should emergenicies arise at home.

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