End of Life Support

There are many questions and heart wrenching dilemmas surrounding end of life choices. By communicating with your beloved animal companion directly I help lift that responsibility from resting solely on your shoulders. I ask the animal what they want & also support them with holistic botanicals to ready their soul & bring grace.

How I can help

  • Ask the animal how they would like things to unfold
  • Offer them sacred botanicals that bring in divine support & ease
  • Act as a communication bridge between you and them
  • Bring clarity on what they need from you
  • Support all beings in the family with grief
  • Be a compassionate guide at this immense time

…and anything else that needs to be explored for you & them.

The Process

  • We book in the reading over email. Then please send me a photo of your animal friend looking directly into the camera.
  • I do the reading via photographs with them & when I’m finished I call you directly to share my findings in person & any botanical remedies they may need or also wish for you to have.
  • If you want to go ahead with the botanical remedies I post them to you and then we stay in touch so I can continue to guide you if needed as the process unfolds in divine time.

Your Investment


This also includes an energy body clearing for your animal friend to give them an energetic boost, help ease their suffering and prepare them for transitioning.

Botanical remedies if needed are extra at approx €20 – €60 plus postage.

Republic of Ireland is €6 tracked delivery. Rest of Europe is €16 and rest of world is €17 both express delivery.


Ready To Book?

Please email me at lisa(at)animalhealing.ie to arrange a booking.

End Of Life Support
End Of Life Support

Example of photo needed

End Of Life Support

Cremation Services In Ireland

Dogs, Cats & Other Smallies It can be so hard to think straight when our beloved companions leave their earthly bodies and take flight. Making decisions about how to give them a send off with dignity and love can be overwhelming. So I wanted to let you know about a wonderful place Cavan Pet Crematorium in Belturbet, Cavan near the Equestrian Centre. What is unique about them here in Ireland is you can drive your beloved companion there and have private time in their quiet room to say your final goodbyes. As they are laid out in the most respectful way.

Then you can wait for their ashes if you wish as they do a certified individual cremation. Or they can courier them to you after. They don’t do pick ups to ensure the animal is treated with total dignity on their final journey. So you may need to ask a friend to drive you there and support you at this time. Their fees are very competitive too compared to all the other services I’ve explored locally. I hope this suggestion helps you find peace in your heart that you can be by their side all the way through & beyond.

Horses, Donkeys & Other Large Animals A wonderful company in Northern Ireland provides individual cremations for your larger animal family. They service the entire country and are a one of a kind operation. It’s now illegal to bury our animals on our land here in Ireland, so often we feel we have few options for our equine companions. And we may end up sending their beloved body off to a larger animal crematorium where they are not treated with as much dignity as we would wish. So the service that Glenvine Pet Crematorium is just incredible. After euthanasia your horse/pony or donkey will be collected in a dignified manner from your stables, field or veterinary practice in a specially designed horse ambulance. From there they will be taken directly to the crematorium & cremated individually.