Support For Euthanasia For Dogs

You’re not alone in the huge decision of saying yes or no to euthanasia for dogs, or any other animal large or small. I understand what you’re going through or about to go through at this impossible time.

I recognise there isn’t enough support for it, and I want you to know, you’re in a safe space here.

One of the hardest parts about supporting our beloved animals through the dying process is understanding what they want & when.⁠
And then there is the grief that follows on from their passing. And how that impacts you & all the other animals & people in the family. And how to support you all through it.⁠

I created this educational video to support you and walk you through all of this, and to offer you informed guidance at this impossible time.

I have been supporting animals through the end of life process for over 10 years now in my practice, and I share all this has taught me in this webinar for the benefit of you & yours.

Get this talk with lifetime access for €24.99

It includes a bonus PDF of the slides, with links to the grief support botanicals I discuss.

It teaches you the following:

  • The first steps to take after the vets have given you their prognosis, so you can involve your beloved animal in the decision making process from the get go. And not carry all the burden on your shoulders.
  • Learn about natural botanicals that can support them towards end of life, calling in more ease & grace.
  • Discover how to put a burial or cremation plan in place, so you are prepared once they do pass beyond the veil. And how to support yourself & all other beings in your family through the grieving process that follows, with sacred botanicals.

Meet Your Guide

Hi I’m Lisa, from Animal Healing With Lisa.

I have worked with thousands of animals across the world, including helping many of my clients with their beloved animal family at the end of life stage.

And I too have felt the immense pain of having to say goodbye to my furbabys. Some who passed far too soon, and when I least expected it. And others who left this world in their senior years, here with me at home. 

And all of them taught me how to help you through this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I start watching this educational talk?

Right now! Once you have signed up and paid for the talk, you have full access to all of it.

How do I go through what you teach?

This is a self taught webinar. That means that I designed it so you can go through it in your own time at your own pace.

What will the outcome of this talk be for me?

Once you go through the talk you will:

  • Understanding the different ways you can support your animal friend holistically at end of life.
  • Be clear on what plans to put in place to you feel empowered through the process.
  • Know what botanicals to buy to support all people & animals who are affected by their passing.

I’m a total beginner, is this for me?

Yes! This will work for you if you are new to holistic animal care.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You have lifetime access to the material in this talk, including the bonus PDF of the slides.