Emergency Care Package

Despite our best efforts our beloved animal family can fall seriously ill or have an accident. To support you and them I have created this emergency care package after many years of dealing with these situations. I understand the level of care you all need.

How I can help

  • Bring in holistic support to add to their veterinary care
  • Help you understand what the animal wants & needs
  • Reduce stress & bring healing through animal self medication
  • Collaborations with holistic vets & sharing of information
  • Monitor their progress and support you at each stage


This package is perfect for you as an animal guardian if you want to do all you can to support them. It does not interfere or take away from regular veterinary care but adds to it in a gentle & effective way. If I refer you onto my holistic vet team all the tests you have done to date can be forwarded onto them from your regular vets to keep costs down. 

Emergency Care Package

The Process

  • Fill out the booking form below and then I send you a questionnaire to fill out plus the type of photos needed.
  • I do an in depth assessment via photographs with the animal, you are not needed for this part. I send you my findings via a recorded video message with a shortlist of the botanical remedies needed.
  • If you wish to go ahead with the botanicals I post them & when they arrive we arrange a 45 minute video call where I guide you on how to use the drops live with the animal on the call with us.
  • I also offer a same day pick up service from Enniskerry, Wicklow for the botanicals as part of this package if you prefer with a video call once you arrive back home to the animal. Or we can arrange it for as soon as they get out of hospital.
  • It is also possible to book me for in person visits to guide you on how to use the drops but I find with emergency cases it is quicker for the animal if we deal with this remotely during this acute phase.

Your Investment

Remote Emergency Care Package €240* // 4 hrs

Includes case history, in depth assessment via photos, detailed report, diet assessment, liaising with holistic vets & sharing my findings, 45 min video call, urgent dispensing of botanicals with in person pick up option from Enniskerry, Wicklow.

End of life support is also included if that is needed at any stage.

Follow Up Assessments €60* // 1 hour

For emergency cases I track the animals progress weekly with you and the vets to decide when best to reassess them and adjust their healing botanicals as needed. You can decide at the time if you would like to go ahead with this but I do encourage them.

*Botanical remedies are extra at approx €40 – €80 plus postage. Including any drops your animal friend may select for you!

Republic of Ireland is €10 tracked delivery. Rest of Europe is €14 and rest of world is €17 both express delivery.

Emergency Care Package

Ready To Book?

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