Did you know that dogs, like humans, experience emotional distress? Did you know that they have different ways in which they express this distress or anxiety?

Well, they do! Some get quiet, some get louder, and some even get over excited! 

They also have certain anxiety triggers that differ from the next dog’s. But, the most common trigger that I seem to get asked about is when they are left alone.

This is called separation anxiety, and it occurs when your dog becomes distressed when you leave.

If you do not address this issue, it can pose a huge threat to your fluff’s well-being in the long run. It takes its toll on their internal organs and we certainly don’t want that!

So how do you know if your dog is experiencing separation anxiety? 

They might follow you everywhere in the house, rarely play by themselves, or they might not like to be left alone when outside. 

Your doggo can also be destructive like eating the furniture while you are out, or your favourite pair of shoes!

They can have low social skills with other dogs, or depend on you for most of their needs.

How do I help my furry friend?

You might have tried all the usual training techniques or calming products to ease your dog’s separation anxiety, but found you’re still not getting results. 

This might leave you feeling frustrated as you’re not managing to make their life more enjoyable or comfortable, despite trying your best. 

It may be impacting your joy and freedom too, as you can’t leave them on their own to go meet friends, or go on a holiday.

I want you to know that this isn’t because the solutions aren’t there – they most certainly are!

But if you use general calming techniques that aren’t tailored to your dog’s individual needs, you will end up feeling frustrated as your dog’s separation anxiety never goes away.

You want your dog to feel understood and that you are more in tune with their needs. You want to respond to them more intuitively to get the results you both so desperately want.

Natural remedies for separation anxiety.

Dogs have great intuition, which I trust entirely, and I invite you to do the same! They are so self aware and are well capable of healing themselves. They just need that little bit of help! 

And that’s where I come in; my job is to make the right botanicals available to them. Then they take care of the rest by choosing which ones they need through the process of self selection.

In other words, they instinctively know what exact herbs, hydrosols, essential oils and flower essences they need to bring themselves back into balance. To heal mentally, emotionally and physically from the root cause.

It’s animal magic in action once you see it unfolding!

And the best part is that I don’t need to be physically with them for them to choose what botanicals they want. I can do it with just their photos and a pendulum.

As I look at their picture, I invite the animal to move the pendulum over the botanicals they are in need of. Your dog then selects their choice, and boom, just like that, I post it out and the animal healing begins!

What botanicals am I talking about?

Botanicals that contain natural ingredients known for their calming properties can be a good option for your dog. 

For example the Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence, or the Bach Rescue Remedy. During times of distress, stroke these into your dog’s coat every 15 minutes. You can also rub them on the heart area at the front of their chest and the top of their head.

If you can’t get near your fluff, put 3 drops into a saucer of water for them and let them drink it in their own time. 

These essences mixes are available widely online no matter where you live. They are safe to use with all dogs, as they are so gentle in their actions.

Another thing you could try is make them up a cup of chamomile tea. Leave it to soak for 10 minutes, then remove the teabag. Dilute it down by 50 percent with water and leave it out for them to self select in a bowl. 

Ginger tea is another good one to help them feel braver and ease any digestive upsets that come from anxiety. Don’t mix the teas, keep them pure in their own bowls so your doggo can have fun deciding which one they want.

If you would like more information or suggestions on how to help your dog’s separation anxiety, take a look at my talk How To Calm Anxiety In Dogs & Cats.

It also includes information on how to identify what emotional character traits your pet has according to the Five Elements principles and extra calming tools and botanicals to bring support. 



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