Heal The Animals 

These five week online programs are perfect if you want to learn according to your diary or like to do things your own way at your own pace. With the optional upgrade of personalised guidance and support from Lisa via one to one Skype or Zoom teaching sessions.

Empower yourself with the tools to bring healing on a much deeper level to the animals. Learning to tailor your approach based on what comes up in the animal communication readings for the animals themselves and indeed their guardians.

This next stage gives you the skills to help an animal work through and heal what they have revealed to you. Focusing on the use of flower essences and other holistic modalities the purpose is to educate you beyond the current paradigm of animal healing.

We often feel limited in our healing options for animals with regular veterinary care being our main source of support. Take the time to educate yourself so the animals in your life can start to live & thrive chemical free.

Learning to address the wellbeing of your animal friends from a multilayered approach where all contributions and tools are acknowledged and harnessed. During this course guest speakers give teachings also so we can draw upon the experience of different holistic professionals such as an essence maker & a holistic vet.

Often animals need help to heal their current conditions by exploring what is going with the humans in their lives. The concept of ‘mirroring’ from animal to human is taught in this workshop. Giving you tools to help them move past their blocks together to strengthen and nourish them individually and collectively.

Holistic care for animals is a must, you become a voice for what is possible in that arena by attending this paradigm shifting workshop.

These programs are for self development purposes, they are not a certified professional training. You need to have completed Level 1 with Lisa to do this course either by distance learning or at a weekend live training.


“Level 2 Animal Communication was the perfect next layer to go deeper with working with our animals friends. The course was so well laid out… a perfect balance of theory, practice and meditation. The knowledge shared built upon skills already developed in level 1 and being able to learn about and now offer flower essences feels so exciting as they are such an incredible tool to assist our energetically sensitive animals. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to go deeper into this work. Thank you Lisa!”

~ Mayla Lambert Amaron, Ireland

“My wow moments were learning about how diseases in animals start at the emotional level before it begins to show the physical signs & what we can do to help them. And learning that there are other treatment options with no side effects for animals which gave me a huge relief just knowing that.”

~ Alexandra Ofor, Ireland

My Promise To You

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

All the tools that I share with you in this course have been refined through years of use and tweaking in my international animal healing practice. I have percolated it all down to give you the true gems. As a testament to that I’m offering you a money back guarantee if you haven’t been able to identify new essences to help further your abilities to heal & support animals within 14 days after practicing the techniques as described. By then you will have all the materials for Module 1 & 2 and if you are not getting results get in touch and share with us how you have been doing the work and we can refund you accordingly.

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