Calming Reactive Animals

Living with reactive and at times unpredictable animals often limits your life and theirs. It is possible for things to be different. To help you and them live an inclusive life when things flow more easily. This work often involves healing you as much as them.

How I can help

  • Calm hard to manage or unpredictable animals
  • Ease resource guarding and lead reactivity
  • Identify why dogs bark incessantly and heal it
  • Rebuild back up trust and confidence in your relationship
  • Make walks or ride outs more enjoyable for everyone


Often when animals are labelled as aggressive or dangerous underneath lies the emotion of fear or undiagnosed physical issues. By uncovering the deeper layers of their imbalance and listening to them we reduce stress levels. Add in self selection of healing botanicals and dietary tweaks the animal feels better from the inside out. I believe an internal problem needs an internal fix first and foremost.

Calming Reactive Animals

The Process

  • Fill out the booking form below and then I send you a questionnaire to fill out plus the type of photos needed.
  • I do an in depth assessment via photographs with the animal, you are not needed for this part. I send you my findings via a recorded video message with a shortlist of the botanical remedies needed.
  • If you wish to go ahead with the botanicals I post them & when they arrive we arrange a 45 minute video call where I guide you on how to use the drops live with the animal on the call with us plus discuss dietary changes.
  • Or it is also possible to book me for in person visits to guide you on how to use the drops if you live within a 25km distance of Enniskerry, Wicklow for small animals. For horses I cover Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare & Meath areas. I charge travel fees depending on your location, feel free to email me for a full quote with you eircode.
Healing Emotional Trauma in Animals

The areas that I cover for small animal house visits 

Your Investment

Remote Work New Animal Clients €210* // 3.5 hrs

Includes case history, in depth assessment via photos, detailed report, dietary changes, healing you, 2 meditation recordings, 45 min video call plus support.

In Person New Animal Clients €270* + Mileage // 4.5 hours

Includes case history, in depth assessment via photos, detailed report, 1 hr in person visit, healing you, 2 meditation recordings to do with your animal friend plus support.

Repeat Animal Clients €150* // 2.5 hours

Includes case update, in depth assessment via photos, a detailed report, dietary tweaks, healing you plus support.

Follow Up Assessments €60* // 1 hour

After 3 – 4 weeks I reassess their progress and adjust their healing botanicals as needed. You can decide at the time if you would like to go ahead with this but I do encourage them. We book them in minimum one week in advance by email.

*Botanical remedies are extra at approx €40 – €80 plus postage. Including any drops your animal friend may select for you!

Republic of Ireland is €10 tracked delivery. Rest of Europe is €14 and rest of world is €17 both express delivery.

Calming Reactive Animals

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  • If this is the first time I am working with a specific animal please book them in as a new animal client
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