Would You Like To Learn How To Communicate with Animals?

What does this learning experience offer?

During this weekend you start to tap into an entirely new way of relating to the animal kingdom. An essential way as it gives them a much needed voice. Discovering ways to use your heart energy to truly connect, perhaps for the first time, in a way that honours the level of consciousness all animals have.You harness the ability to be a true advocate for the animal kingdom with the techniques to do remote readings from photographs and also in person with your animal friends. Together we have the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to bring healing on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels to any animal in any location.

Designed to maximise your intuitive learning experience:

– Pre-course work + heart meditation recording 

– Live teachings by Lisa (no screen presentations just relax & listen)

– Course pack to print & work together from 

– 4 live meditations + recordings  

– Group interactive sessions + breakout sessions

– Live session with guest animal teacher & guardian

– Photos of all participant’s animal friends to practice with 

– Private Facebook group membership 

If you are nervous about being able to work the technology I can arrange a private 30min Zoom coaching lesson for you with my tech support team. Zoom can work from your phone or laptop.

What does learning Animal Communication mean?

One way that animal communication can work is using telepathy. It’s the ability to communicate thoughts from one mind to another, either locally or remotely, without speaking or using signals. Telepathy is a skill that we are all born with. In time, this skill is buried by the regular methods of communication that we use. In other words, it goes to sleep. It can be reawakened for example through meditation.But that is not the only way as each animal communicator has their own natural strengths. Some sense feelings, some hear thoughts, others can see colours and images. There is no right or wrong in this technique, we all bring our own unique gifts to the table.

Dates & Times:

Sat 19th Sept 2020 10am – 4pm // Sun 20th Sept 2020 10am – 4pm Dublin Time

If this date doesn’t suit you click here for more.

The weekend workshop fee is €195.00. This workshop is a level one offering and at a later stage level two is also available for those that feel inspired to go deeper. A €50 deposit is required to secure your spot.

Ready to Learn the Art of Animal Communication?


“I found the animal communication webinar enjoyable and helpful. I will and have gone forward with a different and new approach to animals in my daily activities as a vet, listening to them and exploring a whole new level of access to their needs, feelings and emotions. Thank you Lisa for an inspiring and enlightening weekend.”

~ Emily McAteer MVB LFHom Homeopathic Vet Ireland

“I really enjoyed the Level 1 Animal Communication webinar with Lisa. She led us through deep and profound meditations, gave us simple tools to assist us in working with animals and shared so much information and inspiration. It felt like the perfect balance between theory and practice. Such a beautiful space to learn and deepen our connection to our animal friends. Thank you Lisa!”

~ Mayla Lambert Amaron, Ireland

“I wish I could do the Animal Communication webinar every weekend with Lisa, I loved it so much. She is such a down to earth lovely person who imparts her immense knowledge and wisdom in an easy, awe inspiring way with such grace. I feel really blessed to have studied under her and so lucky to be an advocate for the animal kingdom. Lisa made it easy for me to speak to the animals. We were free to ask questions when we wanted and it was lovely that the group was kept at a small intimate level at Lisa’s choice also. My wow moments were being able to speak to and heal the animals and the sense of empowerment Lisa gave us to go on ourselves and do this. There were really too many wow moments – it was a wow weekend really. I would encourage anyone and everyone to do this course and to listen to their inner calling. The animals can be soo funny too!”

~ Rebecca Ryan, Ireland 

“This event was well-organized, well-balanced with focus broken up to ensure a continuous desire to pay attention. I loved every minute and never wanted it to end. Lovely, just lovely.”

~ Leanne Kidd, USA

“Inspiring Captivating Sensational Magic! I was overwhelmed when I actually received information from Roxy especially since I had never meditated in my life. I feel I want to continue the journey. Lisa is very calm and soothing and makes you feel at ease which is a great confidence boost for a first timer. Bring on level 2 in November ❤️.”

~ Sueanne Haskett, Ireland